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Do I need to Learn before Investing or Trading?

Answer in one word is “No”, but this answer comes with certain conditions.

Conditions are,

Understand what you are doing & why you are doing?

Set your goals & vision.

Allot some amount, which you can afford very easily.  By that I clearly mean, start with your pocket money, and not your savings.  Yes, your pocket money, mind you nobody will give you this advice, because all are interested in your Big pockets and not on your pocket money.

Start with small and gradually increase the size of your investment or trading (at least 6 months)

Don’t directly jump into options and derivatives if you don’t understand.

There are list of conditions, we will write in our continuing article.  Please keep reading…

Learn before it’s too late

Currently Global markets are moving with all good news; Indexes are near their all time highs, and stocks are making new highs, whereas Indian markets are still lagging behind, we are underperforming the global peers, but sooner or later we will join the race, and at that time we will see major participation for retail investors.

Here we try to educate you before hand, so that you can also participate in expected rally, and make some decent out of it.  That is why we are saying Learn before its Too late, otherwise you will miss the train…

Patience & Pocket – Two things are stake in Trading

Trading Psychology

Do you agree with us???

If you are new to trading than market test your patience and pocket both at parallel time, and if you loose control on one, than for sure other will sleep out automatically.

Last month our Dear Friend, got trap in this circle, they lost patience and then start series of loosing pocket, it was real difficult task for us to get them out of this.  Before you trap in, better you take our advise and save yourself from big disasters, and mind you, we will not charge you for this(*)

(*=No Hidden Charges applied). 


Since from long time my friend were asking me about trading, as they are novice for the stock markets, and still has interest to learn things about Trading & Investing.  I thought there are lot of people who falls into the same category, many got trap in unfaithful hands and loose their hard earned money, some make wise decision and stay away from the market, and some are in the process of taking decisions.  No matters in which category you are, here I try to educate you, before you start investing or trading.

Dear friend, there are two different schools in these arena, one who follows Fundamentals  of economy, industry & company specific, and other group who looks into Technical’s of price movement, keeping various other things in consideration, like time, volume and patterns.  This are two broad classifications of different thoughts, obviously, understanding of each with its Pros & Cons are out of this discussion, and which is not needed here.  As you very well know that I follow Technical’s and I like to call myself Technical Analyst.

After brief introduction, let me come to main topic – Are You Ready to Trade?

Answer to above question depends on many factors, but everything boils down to one fact, what is your understanding about stock market (here I talk about Stock Market as a general term it applies to any asset class, whether it may Commodity, Forex or for that matter Bonds.  Before going further let me ask you few question, and you please try to be genuine with yourself.

  • Have you every traded?
  • If your answer for above question is NO, than why you want to trade?
  • If your answer for above question is YES, than please brief about your past venture.
  • If you have already planned for trading, than what is your game plan?
  • You know about risk involved in trading?
  • What amount you have allotted for trading?

Based upon your answers, we can move further.

  • It doesn’t matter whether you know about Stock market or not.
  • It really doesn’t matter whether you are working professional, businessman, housewife or salaried.  Stock market is for everyone, only key is you should know you qualities and limitations beforehand.
  • It really doesn’t matter whether you know about Fundamental or even for that sake Technical’s.  Only a matter is you should have zeal to learn, learn to trade.  If you don’t have, than we are sorry we can’t help you.

If you agree upon above facts, and really want to learn and trade than feel free to get in touch with us, we assure you best of our services, we guarantee to mould you towards market.