Monthly Archives: November 2012

Random Thought – Disparity Gives an Opportunity

Today morning one random thought turn up in my mind, “what happens, when group of people, who bound to stay together for some reason, disagree on a topic (for anything)”?  Just take this scenario in your personal life, what will be your reaction- on safety measures, you avoid interaction on battled topic, stay far to avoid any dispute, and many other things purports in your mind.  But, if we take this scenario in trading market than answer would vary from person to person.

Dear Friend, indeed sole reason of market movement is disparity in thoughts of individual market man (investor, trader, arbitrageur or scalper).  And disparity in highly correlated pairs is the reason to search for opportunity; opportunity to take profits, opportunity to stay on alert or opportunity to get out of the market for time being, it all depends on case to case basis.