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Can I build portfolio based on Technical Analysis?

If this question arises in your mind, and you are looking for right advice on it, than please read this article.

Let me try to answer above question.  To me obvious answer is Yes, you can certainly build portfolio based on Technical Analysis. Simple argument is for building portfolio you should ascertain some methods through which you can acquire good stock and which has a potential give you good returns. Broadly there are two approaches to derive a method, one is Fundamental analysis and another is Technical analysis. Within both the approach there is n-numbers of methods which anybody can use. Now which approach you choose and accordingly which method you choose, it all depends upon a individual selection.  No matter, which method you choose for short listing process, ultimately your short listed candidate should do well, that is the purpose or ideology behind building a portfolio, right?

If you are serious about making money than you have to be serious about learning concepts and methods, there is no choice to it. And let me tell you very frankly, if you learn one or two concepts from internet than there are high chances that you might trap in wrong hands, because on Internet you find 8 out of 10 who writes on subject doesn’t know nitty-gritty about it, they are writing for their pockets. I will not go in detail, if you want to know further than better read my article on it – Be aware of blog marketers.

Now, I focus on core subject, building portfolio based on technical analysis. Please, don’t expect that I will teach you some Holy Grail method here, as such there is none, and if you come across one than please do let me know. But what I am trying to emphasize is that, if you thoroughly apply even some basic rules of technical analysis than also your portfolio and your performance will improve significantly.

Further if you have any query or you want to learn technical analysis feel free to get in touch with me, I will try to answer your query.


Update as on 20 Feb’13

Nifty as on 20th Feb’13 – 5964.30

It was quite frustrating day, as Nifty remained range bound during whole day and closed with weak candle, which makes me more cautious now. I would prefer to stay long with trailed stop loss as my cost price.

Bank Nifty as on 20th Feb’13 – 12410

Bank Nifty did not move above level of 12515, so my trade is not triggered and now I will look for fresh setup.

Bank Nifty ready to move?

Bank Nifty as on 19th Feb’13 – 12450

Today i.e. on 20th you will get the answer.  I sense Bank Nifty is on verge of turning up positive, but it will be slightly early to confirm it.  I will be waiting for bank nifty to rise above 12515, where I like to take long position in it, with a stop loss of 12330.  Reason why I am skeptical, because as of now heavy weights are not confirming the fact, so we should be trading with more cautious approach.

Please don’t take this as a trading recommendation.


Nifty as on 19th Feb’13 – 5960

As expected yesterday, Nifty moved higher, but it happened in last two hours.  Anyways, we are long in Nifty.  Today, I got one signal and now I am waiting for next confirmation to come above 5980 (close), where I would like to add on long position with stop loss near today’s low of 5885.  Still I am cautious and we’ll see for tomorrow’s price action.


Nifty as on 18th Feb’13 – 5906.50

Nifty as on 18th Feb’13 – 5906.50

Today Nifty closed with minor gains. I sense that Nifty has a potential to turn positive again from here on.  To turn me positive, tomorrow Nifty has to move & stay above 5906 than my 1st target would be 5945 with today’s low as a stop loss viz. 5860.  If Nifty moves favorable than trail stop loss with 20 points wiggle allowed. I will add on position only once Nifty moves and closes above 5980, which will be solid confirmation to turn positive.

Please don’t take this as a trading recommendation.

What you should not do while trading with Gann Square of Nine???

Most of traders know how to use Gann Intraday Calculator, but many of you might not be aware of when not to use such method.  As you very well know that every system has its limitations, so do Gann Square of 9 also has some limitations, but it is generally ignored some times on the name of volatility and sometimes on the name of speculations.

Dear Friends, one thing is sure, if you are trading with Gann Square of 9, than few simple rules will make your life smooth.  I believe that by following this rules your performance can be improved by the margin of 10-20% margin from your current.  Yes, you heard it right, your performance can be improved so your profits.

To improve you performance you can follow some guideline drawn by me.  For getting this guideline you can drop a comment below with your mail id. I will send you copy of this guideline, and don’t worry it is also absolutely free.

For my readers I had developed (click here) Desktop Gann Square of 9 calculator, which is available absolutely free to my readers, as I see many sites are charging fees for Desktop calculator.

We’ll get in touch very soon.

Gann Square of Nine Calculator

Dear Friends,

I had developed Gann Square of nine calculator for your desktop.  Its very simple to use, you just have to enter either last closing price or if you are a day trader than just enter weighted average price of the first half an hour.

Gann Square of 9, Gann Square of nine

Gann Square of 9, Gann Square of nine

Gann square of nine is good tool for intraday trading and consistently used by many traders across the world. The methodology is extremely simple is understood properly. Trader has to note that intraday trading has its nuances, and one has to understand that in better perspective. I would say that it is nothing less than a business and to venture into a business one should know all the nitty-gritty of the business. Here, I had developed a excel calculator based on Gann square of nine method and you just need to enter the price into it and you’ll get output in form of Buy and Sell signal. Let’s clarify one thing that Gann squre of nine is something similar to Pivot method of trading, wherein one does not take into consideration other aspect of the market, it only focuses on the existing price of the market, no matter in which instrument you trade. Coming on to Gann square of Nine is method recommended by legendary W.D. Gann and it is one of the simplest methods to apply, among others.

With my understanding I tried to clarify things developed calculator, which you may use upon downloading. From last four years thousands of traders has downloaded the calculator file and they are using very satisfactorily.  To download the calculator you need to pay just Rs. 250/- in below mentioned account and subsequently inform us on this email id – , once I receive the payment confirmation and your email I will send you the excel file and with that you’ll also receive one small note for the calculator wherein I tried to explain what you should not do while using the Gann calculator. I am sure after reading this PDF you’ll be benefited. (To know payment details please click below) 

FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Gann square of Nine calculator useful in Intraday trading?

Ans :- Yes, absolutely. The whole of idea of Gann square of Nine calculator is to use for intraday trading also.

  • Gann square of Nine calculator useful in positional/delivery trading?

Ans :- Yes, experience trader with fare understanding of the market can use Gann square of Nine for position trading as well, but before that one has to understand and take grip on it.

  • Can we make significant profit by using this calculator?

Ans :- Straight answer is NO. Profit/Loss from any trading strategy totally depends upon individual trader. It is very much possible that with given same strategy one trader can earn handsome profit and another may end up in loss. Key here is to understand things in better perspective and apply accordingly.

  • Is this holy grail of stock market trading?

Ans :- Kindly understand there is No Black Box system in the world which can be called as Holy Grail of stock market trading, so keep your expectations real.

  • What is success rate of calculator?

Ans :- Since Gann square of Nine trading is not totally automatic trading or algo based trading it is difficult to measure the success rate based on this method. But it is highly recommended that before applying this method one should try to do paper trade ahead of taking actual trade.

  • Why to pay for calculator?

Ans :- I have taken lot of efforts to build this calculator and tried to make things simpler. Also with this I tried to explain few things very clearly which will help you to minimize your loss and maximize the profits.  And whether you agree or not there is no free lunch, whether you pay directly from your pocket whether you pay indirectly. And friend, here you pay just meager Rs. 250/- only.

  • Is there any update available in future?

Ans :- No. Its static excel file and there is no requirement for future update.  So don’t expect any update in future as well.

  • Refund policy.

Ans :- Kindly note that, in any case whatsoever maybe, money once receive will not be refunded back, so request you to kindly make sure before making a payment.

Lastly, we don’t take any credit, this methodology is developed by legendary trader W.D. Gann and if you want to learn more about his unique methods than please refer his classic books.


EOD Data – That is what you are looking for?

In last days few of my readers were asking me regarding End of Day Data (EOD Data), because they were confused and little misguided by wrong information’s.  First of all if you are beginner and novice trader don’t directly jump in to an intraday trading, which has good chance to ruin your capital very soon very fast.  Firstly start with analyzing chart on EOD basis, and do some paper trading, which can build your confidence.  For EOD data, I can suggest you a vendor from whom I have subscribed; you can put me a mail on  I will forward your details to vendor and they will get in touch with you (don’t worry you don’t have to pay single penny more to me or to vendor, in any case).  For any further clarification feel free to ask me.