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PMS Update as on 31 Dec’ 2013

Good Bye 2013.

From October 2013 we have started Model Portfolio, with just a challenge to our self and gradually returns on portfolio has motivated us to take it on a serious note. And, in matter of just 3 months our portfolio has yielded 26% on invested capital of Rs. 1 lac. We believe which is excellent returns.

Our core philosophy behind anything is always to keep it very simple, because that is what we understand. Many of our readers has doubt few has asked us by putting mail and clearing the doubt. If you have any doubt and need to give serious thought for doing investment than just click here and fill your details, and we will give you a call back, and try to clear your doubts.


Nifty & Bank Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 30th Dec, 2013

Nifty Daily Chart

Nifty Daily Chart

Bank Nifty Daily Chart

Bank Nifty Daily Chart

He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the most busy life. – Victor Hugo

A year is about to over and in the week itself we are going to enter in the year 2014. As an individual we should assess and evaluate ourselves about our past and project for future. During the course it happens that you divulge in something else, by choice or force but, you should plan, because without planning you are driving your car in clueless direction. Above analogy fits into the markets as well, but we take it with little twist. We don’t insist to forecast the future price and direction of the market, as it will put you fumbled every time and you are bound to stay in your boundaries and regret to catch the right price movement. Why should you, rather we believe stay in today and understand what could be price movement of in near future and trade the market, simple. By doing this neither you are stuck nor to feed sad, and in return enjoying the fruit of success. So, friends why don’t we pass some resolution for our trading also. (Click Here To read Trading Resolutions

Year 2013 begins with 5900 level and at the end of the year we are just at 6300 levels, yes we saw volatility, but directionally we could add only 400 points in our kitty, which is just 6-7% add on. Lets take a look where market is taking us in coming few weeks. To read our full article you need to fill in details here and our newsletter will be dispatched in your mail box by tomorrow. Click here to register,

New Year Trading Resolutions

New Year Trading Resolutions.

–          I will not over leverage my trading portfolio

–          I will follow risk management tool in best possible manner.

–          I will try to control my greed, and fear.

–          I will not get trap in Multi-beggar ideas.

–          I will diversify my portfolio, and will take only risk which is feasible for trading style.

–          I will prepare my trading diary and keep note of all my trades.

We came across many traders, who actually picks the best but stuck once takes the overleveraged way, and than they stuck more to justify their position and view. We don’t understand why you need to overleveraged yourself. Please make one thing clear, with capital of just one lakh you should never ever try your hands in Futures, very few are luck who makes profit out of it, otherwise, you are bound to make losses. Try your hands in futures market when you have sufficient capital in your hand and sound understanding of the market and trading dynamics.

Sorry For Inconvenience

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

We are extremely sorry, that we could not publish and update any reports or call during last week due to some unwarranted emergencies.

We are back, and we’ll publish our weekly outlook on time, as you are received in you mail box.

Thanks for showing trust and confidence in us.

Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 20 Dec’13

Nifty as on 19 Dec’13– 6166.65 (-50.50)    Bank Nifty as on 17 Dec’13– 11087.45 (-270.45)

We were expecting Nifty to test 6300 level, but unfortunately our expectation did not materialize, Nifty opened with minor gap higher and finally gave away most of the gains, or we can say turning every one skeptical. Technically Nifty formed Dark Cloud Cover and Bank Nifty gave pure Engulfing Bear Candle, both are representative of Bear Camp.  We will see further weakness in Nifty if it fails to hold above 6130 level.

Bank Nifty holds above 200 day moving average (11030), and most of the long stops shall be placed below this level. It seems that trading in Bank Nifty will be challenging here, because you need to take firm decision here, whether to turn Bullish or Bearish. If you ask us, we believe that still one chance should be given, and remain bullish or at least should not take bearish bet. However, momentum is clearly in favor of downside, so if at all Bank Nifty breaks below 11000 level, it should not be big surprise. But as we mentioned above, on an optimistic note, we like to give one more chance.

Just for the clarification, we clearly mentioned that unless and until Nifty breaks below 6230 levels, we are maintaining our positive bias.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 19 Dec’13

Nifty as on 18 Dec’13– 6217.15 (+78.10)    Bank Nifty as on 17 Dec’13– 11357.90 (+149.25)

In line with our expectation Nifty witnessed smart bounce in the last session.( For your info)

RBI governor keep repo rate unchanged and that was the trigger for the market. Technically, it was more visible and we have already communicated with all our readers.

It seems that still Bank Nifty has to struggle a bit to prove its point, however Nifty is ready to move further higher unless and until it breaks below 6230 (futures) levels. Sooner we 6300 +levels,

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 18 Dec’13

Nifty as on 17 Dec’13– 6139.70 (-15.60)    Bank Nifty as on 17 Dec’13– 11208.65 (-164.30)

So finally, in today’s session we’ll see what market is reacting on the RBI Interest rate announcement. What we sense from the market is gradually Nifty has shifted its based towards downside, but move is so minuscule that we can’t confidently bet that Nifty will test 6070 levels, because last sessions move can prove as false move also, you can’t say. Similar situation happens in Bank Nifty.

Trading market at this juncture become little tricky, so if you follow some pivot trading strategy than follow strictly. Still we are hoping some rebound in the Nifty, let’s see, how it unfolds.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 17 Dec’13

Nifty as on 16 Dec’13– 6154.70 (-13.70)    Bank Nifty as on 16 Dec’13– 11372.95 (+6.05)

Markets are waiting for RBI Interest rate decision, which is due on Wednesday. Considering the fact during last session Nifty and Bank Nifty both traded on subdued note.

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