Are your cornered by your Analysis???

Yes, my question is right, are you cornered by your analysis? Some or other time in life of analyst, it happens that you are cornered by your own analysis, and let me confess, it happened with me also. But, this applies to only for them, who have guts to come ahead and bugle their analysis in front of others. Who has put in efforts and come to some conclusion, and after which shown courage to give Bold Statements.

Above certainly not applies to a category, who always has signature catch phrase “dekha maine bola tha” who always comes ahead for everything and actually nobody heard them saying anything. And in my experience there is huge crowd fits into this category, so lets excuse them.

When such kind of situation arises, analyst has to stay bold enough to accept his limitations and come ahead with fresh view. I believe analyst is not God, if you are accepting some holygrail from him than it is your mistake not his. Yes, I always respect and like to be friend of those who have courage to come ahead and share their opinion with substantiating research, rather being friend with those who falls into category of “dekha maine bola thaa”

So keep sharing your view, no matter if you are cornered.

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