Bank Nifty & Nifty Trading Strategy for 27 June’13

Nifty as on 26 June’13– 5588.70 (-20.40)    Bank Nifty as on 26 June’13– 11066.55 (-114.50)

Sometimes it is real difficult to earn out of the market, and if trader is smart enough to understand this thing, then he can make profits by two ways, one by not losing and second by trading the market when it is in trading mode.

Nifty Trading Strategy

In the last session Nifty stayed below 5680 and does not cross below 5570 level, remain range bound. According to our analysis there was no sure shot call on the market, and that is the reason we stayed out of the market. Now, today you have expiry day, and USD/INR has already shaken the markets, so it is better trade only the breakouts and that to with tight stop losses. Keep watch 5680 on higher side and 5570 on the downside.

Bank Nifty Trading Strategy

We were expecting some weakness in Bank Nifty from last Friday onwards, and finally Bank Nifty made a low of 11033.75 and our level was 10975. We believe Bank Nifty has further potential to move lower, but betting on that is little risky. Technical pullback is also due on the cards but for that traders has to wait for one more day, let expiry get over.

We want to tell our readers of Way2Profits, that we are not in the business to catch each and every move of the market. We believe it is impossible, or you can say we are capable of doing it so. At Way2Profits, we only try to catch best possible trading opportunity. We hope some of you must have already realized the fact, so don’t expect to receive continuous advice on the market. But keep reading for best possible opportunities.

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