Can I build portfolio based on Technical Analysis?

If this question arises in your mind, and you are looking for right advice on it, than please read this article.

Let me try to answer above question.  To me obvious answer is Yes, you can certainly build portfolio based on Technical Analysis. Simple argument is for building portfolio you should ascertain some methods through which you can acquire good stock and which has a potential give you good returns. Broadly there are two approaches to derive a method, one is Fundamental analysis and another is Technical analysis. Within both the approach there is n-numbers of methods which anybody can use. Now which approach you choose and accordingly which method you choose, it all depends upon a individual selection.  No matter, which method you choose for short listing process, ultimately your short listed candidate should do well, that is the purpose or ideology behind building a portfolio, right?

If you are serious about making money than you have to be serious about learning concepts and methods, there is no choice to it. And let me tell you very frankly, if you learn one or two concepts from internet than there are high chances that you might trap in wrong hands, because on Internet you find 8 out of 10 who writes on subject doesn’t know nitty-gritty about it, they are writing for their pockets. I will not go in detail, if you want to know further than better read my article on it – Be aware of blog marketers.

Now, I focus on core subject, building portfolio based on technical analysis. Please, don’t expect that I will teach you some Holy Grail method here, as such there is none, and if you come across one than please do let me know. But what I am trying to emphasize is that, if you thoroughly apply even some basic rules of technical analysis than also your portfolio and your performance will improve significantly.

Further if you have any query or you want to learn technical analysis feel free to get in touch with me, I will try to answer your query.

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