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To earn from stock market, if you learn some basic concepts and have a grip on it, than for sure you can improve your performance marginally. Stock market is not the game of luck, it is the game played by many geniuses, and as we know many who made a fortune out of it.

Technical Analysis – Way to quick money.

You have this perception in mind?

If you just type how to make quick money in search engine, you get lots answers. Some are pointing out towards blog marketing, some are lotto kind of stuff, and some comes on Forex trading and Stock market trading. Now many bloggers use this way, they keep on cut, copy and paste write up on financial and technical analysis. Indirectly they are just promoting their blogs, because everyone wants to earn here.

But let me ask you one simple question, do you feel earning is so simple, it is so simple that you just read one book and you know everything about stock market, everything about technical analysis. If your answer is May be, than please you read further.

Dear Friend, it is absolutely not easy to earn out of the Forex Trading and Stock Trading, it is not just side income for everyone. It is hardcore business, and person who is fully involved in this work find it difficult many a times to earn from it, than how you can think to make quick money out of it. If somebody is telling you that, for sure you can make money by taking our calls, and buying our books, than they are fooling around with you, playing with your emotions. Why they can’t make you earn, is different story, as I said earlier they are just marketing their services and if you get trapped, than it is your luck, and their victory. All does not fall in this category, but nowadays there are many bluff masters.

Technical analysis is an art of buying low hanging fruits in the market, try to ride the trend and exit as steam moves out of it. By following simple methods you can for sure make profits out of it, but it doesn’t mean that there is no chance for loss.

Every forex pair or stock moves in one or other direction, and it is not necessary that you can catch every move

Dedication is the key to make money. I don’t know other avenues to make money, but only know about stock market. At Way to Profits we are dedicated to our work and follow high standards of ethics, because we don’t have any quick fix tool, and we don’t try to be millionaire in night. Road map is not straight, but we are committed to what we are doing.

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Save – Technical Analysis…

You must be thinking, why I am writing this, what is wrong.

I have to write this because, I sense some are directly or indirectly hurting the interest of Technical Analysis and people who are seriously involved in it.

In last few days I had written couple of times about Blog Marketers, who are using Technical Analysis as one of the tool for earning. Unfortunately they don’t know anything about the market, only they know is Nifty and some popular stocks, and poor Janata get trapped in their hands. Height of their ignorance is, this blog marketers keep on asking to their readers, what is you view. B…S… Stop this Crap.

Another category is like this – one fellow Technical Analyst I know, probably he must not be knowing me. I was observing his trade patterns, and analysis. This guy is hardcore intraday player, and probably he must be good into that, I don’t know, because I only receive information about successful trades, even though he has initiated that call one or two months back. Yes, intraday player also gives positional technical call, or I don’t know if his intraday call turns into positional call. No updates about failed trade.

I still remember my learning days when I was making so silly mistakes and I was not getting job, but fortunately that time has gone, and now I believe that I am grown up. Come to my friend, he is practicing from long time and still he has not come out of his early stages. Still he books his profits into 6-7 tranches, yes book 20%, book 10%, and book 15% profit. Please don’t laugh; this is how he books profit. I am really surprised, if you are hardcore technical analyst and seating in the market, do you think that any trader will take trade in this way. I think even in penny stock trader will get out in 2-3 tranches max, and you are talking about front line stock. It sound foolish, but there are this kind of people, and who also has their great ego of being Technical Analyst.

It is my urge to fellow Technical Analyst that please follow some ethics, by your act you are spoiling the name of Technical Analysis, and due to which others think twice to trust us. Fortunately, till date I had not face such situation, but why to wait for…. Save – Technical Analysis.

bollinger bands

Trading Strategy based on Bollinger Bands

I know many of you are already using Bollinger Band in your analysis and trading, but I am also sure that most of you really don’t understand, strength hidden in Bollinger Bands. Honestly, I was also using Bollinger Band from last couple of years, but only in recent past I realized true magic of Bollinger Bands. Trust me, BB has a potential to give you excellent returns (don’t expect 100%…please) if used in right way, and right sense.

Till date you must be using Bollinger Band as your target or stop loss. If market is falling than your lower band is your target and, if rising than middle and upper band is your stop loss…right???  But, give me one genuine answer you are satisfied by the performance of your analysis?

You know Technical Analysis is like a car show room, where every cars are same only difference is their price and engine.  Now for a novice, whether salesman shows any high class engine car or any third class engine car, for them everything is same, because car looks same.  Exactly is the situation with new kiddos, Technical analysis for newbie is full of tools without understanding its basic nature and construction. For them one tool a day is the concept, today it works, tomorrow if it doesn’t than just throw It.

Bollinger Band strategy is the part of my course on Technical Analysis, if you are serious to learn than please do get in touch with me and understand the market with better perspective.


It is just a Dead Cat bounce or Nifty will rally?

Weekly Outlook –Nifty Spot as on 8 March’13 – 5945.70 

Last week was quite an eventful, nifty moved sharply higher.  And if my readers remember than I have mentioned in my previous article that I will turn my attention on long side only if Nifty spot moves and close above 5875, below which I see every rise as a selling opportunity, but Nifty successfully moved above 5865 on Thursday itself, which was very much evident that Nifty will turn bullish again.

Coming to current situation, I believe Nifty has broken heart of 60% (not based on any data) Bears but still there are few Bears are left, they will be killed once Nifty moves above 6000 level. So it is advisable to take minor longs for now, keeping stop loss below 5875 and increase your position once Nifty moves above 6000 mark, and mind it, if it happens than we’ll be seeing new highs soon…. But keep your fingers cross, still we are sure by 60% and not 100%.  Rest you know how to trade.

I know with some fans there are lot of critics available, and they must be thinking that I am talking on two sides, but for them I am attaching this link, I request them to please read that, I am sure all your doubts will get clear.  Read article

Take Holistic View…

You believe that if Nifty is doing well than stocks should perform well. I am asking you because, generally, whenever I meet with my friends or market person, they simply ask me “Kya Dhyaan” (what’s my view) and I have to say about view on major index Nifty or Sensex.

Unfortunately, due to some other commitments I am not getting time to look at other charts, but today I got a chance to look at some equity charts. As I started, instantly few thoughts clicks in my mind. I saw few charts, which are outstandingly outperforming major Index and they are highly traded, now if I build my view on equity market based only on Index than in practical I am doing a wrong thing, because these stocks are doing exceedingly well. Also keeping above things in consideration, there are some other stocks, when Index was rising, at that time they were laggards.

To trade the market you have to take holistic view. You cannot base your judgment looking at only one chart of Index or your favorite stock.

Strategy is not always bad…

If you know how to trade, than I am sure 20-30% of your problem is solved. Yes, with any given strategy, whether it is good or bad, if you add some sound analysis, your result has to improve, anyhow. But this sound analysis comes only after some efforts taken by individual, without which nothing is of use.

I am writing this article keeping last few days market action in consideration. Like in my daily update I have clearly mentioned that market has potential to go down further, but subject to market stay below low of 5670(spot), and also I have mentioned that only short term trader can take long trade for small profits. Now see the price action, Nifty made a low of 5679.90 (does not go below previous low and traded higher). I am not saying this because I went right here, it is because I am trying to convey you what I hear from market. As I always try to listen what market is saying? Yes, I also might go wrong many a times, but if at all I maintain accuracy of more than 70% than also I am highly satisfied with my performance.

I know many readers of mine, who are constantly involved in improvising their strategy, but dear friend why you miss to improve yourself with your strategy, and see the result. So strengthen yourself to improve.

Keep reading and replying with mail.