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In last one week time frame I had picked two Super Stock. Yesterday I had written about Take Solutions and today i would like to share another stock HCL TECHNOLOGY – HCLTECH. I had picked HCLTECH @ 1050 on 25th April’18. I expect this stock to give good returns in days to come. As I had picked this stock under Super Stock category hence it has NO STOP LOSS. I will keep eye on it, and If at all stock falls from buying price i am not worried at all.


For trade confirmation

Price includes Brokerage and Taxes


Friends, as mentioned earlier i will be picking few more stocks under this category and keep you posted.


In the beginning few IT stocks came on radar, but could not catch up with their move; I placed an order but it didn’t fill and eventually stock moved well. In the similar period I got an opportunity to buy LTI on 10th April’18 @1402.

Super Stock -LTI

SFor the proof of my buying one may look at below image.

(Cost is after including brokerage and tax)

For few days stock remain sideways and in the last two sessions it moved swiftly. Today on 25th April’18 I booked at 1650 levels.

Tomorrow I will post for another Super Stock stock which i have picked up.

Super Stock

Its long time since I have written anything here, due to some personal commitments and paucity of time. From hereon I would like to share few things, one among them is sharing my stock ideas which I call it as Super Stocks. I am identifying few stocks which are likely to give some superlative returns and it has proved time and again that this selected stocks has performed so well in the market. So that’s why it’s Super Stock.

Something more about Super stock

It is purely a technical picks and I generally never look at Fundamentals while selecting a stock, yes many a times now I look at fundamentals, but my selection is not at all based on Fundamentals, so there are more chances that fundamentalist may defer from my view.

Most important, before sharing any stock here, I will buy for me, so my skin is involved in the business. So it is safe to assume that I am biased in my view. At the same time one needs to understand that, since my own skin is involved here, I am not just recommending stock but taking position in that, no matter how small or big my account size is. So I am no more just analyst or a person who has started just reading the charts and sharing the view, and no matter where price goes, I am always right. So I may go wrong also, when price proves that.

For this stock selection, I am not going to put any practical stop loss. Yes, somewhere one needs to limit the loss, but as of now there is NO STOP LOSS. So, I take only that much position which I can afford to loose. So even if any stock turns zero, it is not going to affect me at all. I never ever leverage myself.

I am ready to hold Super stocks anywhere between 0 days to 1 year, I don’t know when it is going to perform. It is not at all intraday tips.

I will buy stock in a staggered manner, mostly in 2 tranches. It is very much possible that after my buying, stock may correct more than 10%, in that case I will consider it as averaging the stock price.

I had split my total investment in 10 parts and will never ever expose more than 10% to any particular stock.

With this basic premise I am ready to share my Super Stock Journey….I am excited and I am sure you will also get thrilled as we move.