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Save – Technical Analysis…

You must be thinking, why I am writing this, what is wrong.

I have to write this because, I sense some are directly or indirectly hurting the interest of Technical Analysis and people who are seriously involved in it.

In last few days I had written couple of times about Blog Marketers, who are using Technical Analysis as one of the tool for earning. Unfortunately they don’t know anything about the market, only they know is Nifty and some popular stocks, and poor Janata get trapped in their hands. Height of their ignorance is, this blog marketers keep on asking to their readers, what is you view. B…S… Stop this Crap.

Another category is like this – one fellow Technical Analyst I know, probably he must not be knowing me. I was observing his trade patterns, and analysis. This guy is hardcore intraday player, and probably he must be good into that, I don’t know, because I only receive information about successful trades, even though he has initiated that call one or two months back. Yes, intraday player also gives positional technical call, or I don’t know if his intraday call turns into positional call. No updates about failed trade.

I still remember my learning days when I was making so silly mistakes and I was not getting job, but fortunately that time has gone, and now I believe that I am grown up. Come to my friend, he is practicing from long time and still he has not come out of his early stages. Still he books his profits into 6-7 tranches, yes book 20%, book 10%, and book 15% profit. Please don’t laugh; this is how he books profit. I am really surprised, if you are hardcore technical analyst and seating in the market, do you think that any trader will take trade in this way. I think even in penny stock trader will get out in 2-3 tranches max, and you are talking about front line stock. It sound foolish, but there are this kind of people, and who also has their great ego of being Technical Analyst.

It is my urge to fellow Technical Analyst that please follow some ethics, by your act you are spoiling the name of Technical Analysis, and due to which others think twice to trust us. Fortunately, till date I had not face such situation, but why to wait for…. Save – Technical Analysis.


Since from long time my friend were asking me about trading, as they are novice for the stock markets, and still has interest to learn things about Trading & Investing.  I thought there are lot of people who falls into the same category, many got trap in unfaithful hands and loose their hard earned money, some make wise decision and stay away from the market, and some are in the process of taking decisions.  No matters in which category you are, here I try to educate you, before you start investing or trading.

Dear friend, there are two different schools in these arena, one who follows Fundamentals  of economy, industry & company specific, and other group who looks into Technical’s of price movement, keeping various other things in consideration, like time, volume and patterns.  This are two broad classifications of different thoughts, obviously, understanding of each with its Pros & Cons are out of this discussion, and which is not needed here.  As you very well know that I follow Technical’s and I like to call myself Technical Analyst.

After brief introduction, let me come to main topic – Are You Ready to Trade?

Answer to above question depends on many factors, but everything boils down to one fact, what is your understanding about stock market (here I talk about Stock Market as a general term it applies to any asset class, whether it may Commodity, Forex or for that matter Bonds.  Before going further let me ask you few question, and you please try to be genuine with yourself.

  • Have you every traded?
  • If your answer for above question is NO, than why you want to trade?
  • If your answer for above question is YES, than please brief about your past venture.
  • If you have already planned for trading, than what is your game plan?
  • You know about risk involved in trading?
  • What amount you have allotted for trading?

Based upon your answers, we can move further.

  • It doesn’t matter whether you know about Stock market or not.
  • It really doesn’t matter whether you are working professional, businessman, housewife or salaried.  Stock market is for everyone, only key is you should know you qualities and limitations beforehand.
  • It really doesn’t matter whether you know about Fundamental or even for that sake Technical’s.  Only a matter is you should have zeal to learn, learn to trade.  If you don’t have, than we are sorry we can’t help you.

If you agree upon above facts, and really want to learn and trade than feel free to get in touch with us, we assure you best of our services, we guarantee to mould you towards market.