EOD Data – That is what you are looking for?

In last days few of my readers were asking me regarding End of Day Data (EOD Data), because they were confused and little misguided by wrong information’s.  First of all if you are beginner and novice trader don’t directly jump in to an intraday trading, which has good chance to ruin your capital very soon very fast.  Firstly start with analyzing chart on EOD basis, and do some paper trading, which can build your confidence.  For EOD data, I can suggest you a vendor from whom I have subscribed; you can put me a mail on way2profits.24@gmail.com.  I will forward your details to vendor and they will get in touch with you (don’t worry you don’t have to pay single penny more to me or to vendor, in any case).  For any further clarification feel free to ask me.

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