Gann Square of Nine Calculator

Dear Friends,

We had developed Gann Square of nine calculator for your desktop.  Its very simple to use, you just have to enter either last closing price or if you are a day trader than just enter weighted average price of the first half an hour.

Gann Square of 9, Gann Square of nine

Gann Square of 9, Gann Square of nine

May we also request you, if you find our Gann Square of Nine useful, then please do share your comments below, it will be useful to everyone, and who knows you may get something new to learn from your own experiences, so don’t hesitate to comment…

As every system has its pros & cons, likewise Gann Square of 9 has some best features with its limitations. I am sure with this download, you would like to know, what are the limitations of Gann Square of nine, So to know the limitations Please click here.

Lastly, we don’t take any credit, this methodology is developed by legendary trader W.D. Gann and if you want to learn more about his unique methods than please refer his classic books.

To Receive Gann Square of Nine Calculator, just fill in the details or Click Here and you’ll receive link for Download, 

gann calculator

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  • Mike Short

    Can you please send me the rulebook at ?

  • deva kalse

    how to calculate or find WAP value

  • deva kalse

    plz send me the Gann Square Of Nine Rulebook

  • Ashish

    gann square of nine calculator is equally same for any segment OR it is different calculator for different segment say nifty…commodity….currency….etc

    • Dear Ashish,

      In whichever segment you work, idea is the same, (for currency trading you need to download another currency calculator), logic is not going to change. But before applying and taking any position you need to backtest on your instrument and see what is the liking. I have observed that sometimes Gann Calculator works exactly to the point, and sometimes it disappoints you, and liking may differ from instrument to instrument, or you can say stock to stock. So apply your logic, and use it.

      All the best.

  • Anees

    Could you Please send me the rule Book for GANN? Thank you.

  • deepak

    please send me the password to download rule book. Thanks!

  • Suresh Menon

    Dear Sir, Please snd me Gann sq of 9 calculator in excel for nifty intraday trading.

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  • kalyan bhawar

    plz send me the Gann Square Of Nine Rulebook

  • Monther

    I just the calculator and i will use it very soon. But thanks in advance.
    BTW, do u have a manual for this tool like what frames should i use and what pairs.

    Thanks again.

  • Deepika Goel

    Its perfect tool for intraday trading.. thx

  • anil


  • Dr Bhasin

    Kindly send me the rule book. How it can be used for short to long term targets?

  • Muniswamy

    Sir, Can I use this Gann Square of Nine Calculator in MCX trading

    • Mr. Swamy,

      Personally I have never used on MCX Commodities, but you can definitely cross check and back test the result, if it works, than good for you.

      All the best

  • Peter L


    I would like a copy of the square of nine rules, thanks.


  • kalyan bhawar

    you are helping us(newbies) like a elder brother. thank u very much for ur effords.

    • Thank you so much Mr. Kalyan.
      Your comment means lot to us.

      Thanks once again.

  • Suriya

    Pls send me Rules to fallow

  • kushal shah

    hey I want to know that from where can I get weighted average price?? Is there any formula to calculate weighted average price or I can get it from online? if its available online then give me its link.

  • Raj

    If I cant apply WAP then, Can I use LTP instead of WAP?
    Also please share me the password to download the limitation document.

    • Yes, you dont have a choice but to use LTP.
      And password details are already send to your email. please check.


  • Raj

    Please kindly let me know how to calculate WAP ? I am a forex trader.


    • Dear Sir,

      In Forex market, situation is tricky and here you cant apply WAP.
      So you back test it thoroughly. And share your view with us also.


  • suparno

    thank you for the Gann Square of Nine Calculator

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  • aromal

    omg…. this is awsom…. am from india, and a a full time trader….. this calculators will help me a lot

  • Raj

    Thanks for providing Square of nine rules, I have been trading with square of nine but I have chose to trade on Axisbank instead of nifty. I take the closing price of 5min candle at 9.20am.
    It does give good result but with it flaws. At times price just breaches the buy or sell level and reverses hitting the stoploss.
    Is there any way to avoid or minimize such situation, would be glad if you can throw some light on this.

    • Mr. Raj,
      Frankly, there is no quick fix to your query.
      But, we would suggest that you should wait for initiating any trade upto 9.30, we are following this rule.
      And, if you are a day trader then, you should take a look at chart, and have bit of understanding, that where major support and resistances are coming, and what is action-reaction of price at that particular point in time.
      We believe, in looking at overall trend, for example if you see some downtrend in AxisBank, then initiate only Sell Side call, in that way you can stay in sync with one degree larger trend, and chances of getting stopped out in whipsaws will reduce significantly.

  • John

    Please send me your Square of Nine Rules. Thanks.

  • A mukherjee

    yes i got the calculator but this calculator not match with “pivottradingGann currency calculator”

    you put the centre .01 but they put .02 why this difference and which one is correct….please go and visit the pivottrading site…


    • Mr. Mukherjee,
      Thanks for your reply.
      Answer lies in your question itself. But, firstly let us make clear that, neither Gann Square of Nine is invented by us, nor we try to match or compare any other sites performance with us. We had simply applied methodology suggested.
      And, as you suggested, we also check on other site; what you are saying is absolutely right. But, we dont have any logical arguments to make here, why they are using .02, that you have to ask them, because we had not changed any basic rule of the method.
      Perhaps, we request you kindly check actual performance and practicality of the calculator and use accordingly.
      And, please share your inputs, so it can be useful to everyone.
      Thanks once again, for drawing your attention.


      I like it n want to have it. please, send rules, also please.

  • A mukherjee

    please upoload Gann sqr of 9 Forex calculator

    • Sure, It will be done shortly…

    • Gann Square of Nine calculator for currency pairs are uploaded
      Follow this link.[wpdm_file id=25]