What you should not do while trading with Gann Square of Nine???

Most of traders know how to use Gann Intraday Calculator, but many of you might not be aware of when not to use such method.  As you very well know that every system has its limitations, so do Gann Square of 9 also has some limitations, but it is generally ignored some times on the name of volatility and sometimes on the name of speculations.

Dear Friends, one thing is sure, if you are trading with Gann Square of 9, than few simple rules will make your life smooth.  I believe that by following this rules your performance can be improved by the margin of 10-20% margin from your current.  Yes, you heard it right, your performance can be improved so your profits.

To improve you performance you can follow some guideline drawn by me.  For getting this guideline you can drop a comment below with your mail id. I will send you copy of this guideline, and don’t worry it is also absolutely free.

For my readers I had developed (click here) Desktop Gann Square of 9 calculator, which is available absolutely free to my readers, as I see many sites are charging fees for Desktop calculator.

We’ll get in touch very soon.

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