Gann Square of Nine


  • Ningthoujam Mangang

    where can i find the Gann Rule book


    thanks for rule book

  • moulana

    Dear Kapadia,

    I have read your Gann Rule book, Especially High-Low ten days average, It is ok for Stock and index, But how to implement in Commodity market,
    Because in Commodity for Ex: MCX Gold the difference is coming around 100 points min, and also ten days average is coming around 400 points, So how to implement , Can you please help me out in commodity market.

  • moulana

    Dear Sir, Thank you for your information on Gann Square, Till now i use Gann Square as just inserting Average weight price (30 Min from start), But some time work some time can’t i really confuse , But after reading your article i understood how to use Gann, Please continue your teaching, Also explain about camarilla , Let me know whether to use Gann or Camarilla

    • Way2profits

      Mr. Moulana,
      Thanks for your mail.
      Personally, I used Gann square of nine, and very rarely Camarilla, so I cant tell you which is the best, or you should use other, in that case my answer will be biased. But according to me, first you should backtest the result to satisfy yourself, and do some paper trading with both the methods and see which suits you best. It is like this everybody dont like Apples, and you should not compare Oranges with Apples, both have different taste and properties. I hope my point is clear to you. If you have any further doubt feel free to ask.

  • moulana

    Dear Sir, I am New to Trading platform, But I choose Commodity especially Bullion & Energy because of high fluctuation ,
    Also i have tried you Gann Square nine it is very interesting and thank you , So can you please share the “Rules to obtain in Gann ” for commodity My Email id :

  • Mos Tan

    I would like your gann guideline. Thank you.

  • Dhani Das

    please share the Gann Rule Book. Thanks mail id

  • sandysher

    Kindly share with me gann rule book.
    My email id is