Good News, your Technical Analysis Group is changing its name.

Dear Group Members,

When we have formed this group, intention was to keep in touch with our batch mates of BSE Technical Analysis course. Now, it is almost more than 4 years, some are in touch, some are not.  From our batch few become Technical Analysts, many left the subject. 

As time passes, we have to broaden our vision and so network.  Previously formed group with narrow vision, can become platform for many aspirants and new comers, and as always medium to share your views with group members. To expand our horizon, I have taken small initiative and changed our group name to“Technical Analysis Talks” where anyone can share their views on any market based on Technical Analysis (preferably), even fundamentalist are welcome.  By changing name, I have also changed group email id to . 

I hope by doing this we can expand our network and knowledge.  I request all group members to add our group email id in your contact list. Now, you can add your friends to our group.  Also, members who wish to quit has an option by going to Google group and unsubscribe it, or also you can put mail to me on to unsubscribe.

Thank you all, for your kind support.

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