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model technical analysis portfolio by way2profits

Making money in stock market with peace and ease is real difficult task, isn’t it? At Way2Profits, we always try to make things easier, whether it is regarding market view or trading or investing. We always pursuit for straight-forward answers in all respect. When it comes to investing in the market, days are gone when you follow the idea of Buy It & Forget It, by choice or by force Investor has to stay in tune with the market. Keeping this fact in consideration, we formulated few simple rules and simple strategies which have given us astonishing results, and finally we decided to float our Portfolio Management Services. Portfolio Management Services –Different Stroke We like to clarify that we used a word as Portfolio Management Services (PMS), but concept and idea behind our understanding is little different than others, so we call it as Different Stroke. Most of you must be aware Pro’s & Con’s behind PMS, and if you are not aware than please google it you’ll come to know more than what we can say. Core values behind Way2Profits is always

  • Preservation of Capital
  • Consistent Profitability
  • Pursuit of Superior Returns

And this ideology will be primary factor which will guide us throughout. Few Salient features of our Portfolio Services

  • No need to open Separate Trading A/c with us.
  • No trading for Brokerage generation.
  • No Over-leverage Trading Activity
  • No Fear of loosing full capital.
  • Ownership of Shares will lies with clients only.

Above are few features, which we like to highlight. Over and above, what you are most interested in how much money you can make on your invested capital. To answer your query, we can show you excel, but what we insist is please click on this link

Latest Portfolio Update

and go through all post, and satisfy yourself. As you very well know that, we don’t make any blunders and still if you have any doubt than feel free to ask.  (We are sure that you’ll not find any place to doubt).   Some Clarifications.

  • Stock selection is based on our proprietary model.
  • At this juncture we are not advising any of our reader to invest or trade in any of the stocks mentioned below, as we are also not invested.
  • We are starting a journey, let’s see where we reach.
  • We have not looked at any fundamentals of the company.

[stextbox id=”info” float=”true” align=”right”]Get Status of Portfolio Here[/stextbox]Assumptions

  • Rs. 10000/- is invested in particular stock.
  • Stop loss would be taken below 10% price movement.
  • Portfolio will be updated on weekly basis.

Portfolio management services

Model Technical Analysis Portfolio
Stock Name Date LTP Decision Investment Amount Qty Purchased
GE SHIPPING 1-Oct-13 283.95 Buy 10000 35
TVS MOTORS 1-Oct-13 40.15 Buy 10000 249
NUCLEUS SOFTWARE 1-Oct-13 95.05 Buy 10000 105
NATCO PHARMA 1-Oct-13 623.55 Buy 10000 16
HEXAWARE 1-Oct-13 128.85 Buy 10000 78
GM BREWERIES 1-Oct-13 81.2 Buy 10000 123
PERSISTENT SYSTEMS 1-Oct-13 630.65 Buy 10000 16
Total Investment 70000

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