New Year Trading Resolutions

New Year Trading Resolutions.

–          I will not over leverage my trading portfolio

–          I will follow risk management tool in best possible manner.

–          I will try to control my greed, and fear.

–          I will not get trap in Multi-beggar ideas.

–          I will diversify my portfolio, and will take only risk which is feasible for trading style.

–          I will prepare my trading diary and keep note of all my trades.

We came across many traders, who actually picks the best but stuck once takes the overleveraged way, and than they stuck more to justify their position and view. We don’t understand why you need to overleveraged yourself. Please make one thing clear, with capital of just one lakh you should never ever try your hands in Futures, very few are luck who makes profit out of it, otherwise, you are bound to make losses. Try your hands in futures market when you have sufficient capital in your hand and sound understanding of the market and trading dynamics.

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