Nifty Technical Outlook for 27th May, 13

nifty technical analysis 27 may - way2profits

Nifty Daily Chart (Spot)

nifty technical analysis 27 may - way to profits

Nifty weekly Chart


Do you see an opportunity to go Long?

I was asking this question to myself. In the last from Monday itself prices start falling, it is only in the last session, where prices took minor halt from falling spree and closed with minor gains for an intraday, but importantly Nifty closed above 5970. After closing I received mail from one of my reader asking me about, do you see an opportunity to go Long from this level. He asked me a question, and suddenly my mind started seeing possibility to go long or not. How emotional we are; Bull by nature always sees any throwback as an opportunity to go long. It is really very difficult to control your emotion in trading, and which is the biggest quality of many successful traders. In fact, I also faced emotional trauma many a times, reasons could be any, but it clearly reflects on my analysis and writing as well.  Controlling your emotions can be learnt with experience only, books and few articles can help and guide you, but it can’t control your emotions.

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