Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 10 Aug’15

Markets in confused mode…

I always believe that reading market is an art, as you are trying to read the mindset of mass which includes smartest of smart guy and dumbest of all, but ultimately crowd gets segregated in broadly two category, one camp who has Bullish bias and another with Bearish Bias, there is another group of people who likes to keep mum but relatively number could be small, as compulsion of trading would not allow many to step aside (even though they knows the fact). So we have mass divided broadly in two categories-but what if, both groups get confused? Neither Bulls are ready to take charge, nor Bears are aggressive enough. It seems that currently Nifty is passing through such phase and nobody is clear to take firm stand. Let’s try to analyze and see where the probability of winning is favorable, that’s what we can do, rest market will tell us whether our assumptions went right or not.

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