Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 13 July’15

The Rule of Game – Keep Plan-B ready

When we play any mind game for example Chess or Cards, probability of winning game not only depends upon only on your techniques you know about the game, but also depends upon how you predict the next move, or with some refinement you understand psyche of your opponent and able to forecast next probable move, may be this theory does not apply in every game, but it certainly applies to stock markets. Stock market is reflection of psychology of mass (market participants) and if you able to guage that, then I think you are the master, and not to mention that there are many masters and super masters here, and I know few of them are subscribed to my newsletter as well, maybe you are one of them. Every trader and analyst try to approach market with different yardsticks and come to a conclusions, sometime go right sometimes go wrong, but I believe smart trader is those who are ready with Plan-B when the initial expectations go haywire. So let’s see what is Plan-A and Plan-B for coming week.

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technical view nifty 13 July'15


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