Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 20 July’15

Markets keeps us puzzled…

“Eid Mubarak to all”

Does market keeps you puzzled? If your answer is Yes, then don’t worry you are there with not least then 95% of the crowd (or may be 98-99%), and if you are answer is No then you are the indigenous and you certainly rocks.  Most of us struggle to catch the right direction in the market (yes, including me), and if we come out with some conclusion then that is some thoughtful guess or probability based on our learning and experience which makes most of the difference. If we see in last one and half month market gave us some nasty surprises, placing a low of 7940 and recovered so quickly and swiftly, and now standing at 8600+ levels, and now what next? Again you are puzzled?? So lets try to solve this puzzle and see how to position for the coming week

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nifty technical view 20 july


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