Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 22 June’15

Positive surprise…

The week passed by gave a positive surprise to Bulls and disappointed the hardcore Bears of the market. If you recollect pessimism in earlier week’s were so high that nobody had thought in his/her wild dream that by the week-end we’ll be standing tall above 8200 on positive remark. To stay afloat into this market you need to remain little flexible, you can’t stay adamant to your idea and analysis, otherwise you might put yourself in big trouble. And you need to stay true to yourself, if you fall in trap of lying with yourself, then I think it is biggest loss of yours, because it is not you are lying to yourself, but you are not ready to listen what market is saying, and as we know “Market is Supreme”, so be honest to yourself. If you are reader of my newsletter then you must know that I am the first person to admit my mistakes, and move forward. Now first take a look at what happened last week, and what to expect in coming week.

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