Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 27 July’15

Markets moves on its own…

Few days back I met one of my friend and he was frenzied about his expectations, as based on his analysis market is supposed to move higher, and at the same time one another friend of mine was sending me probabilities of market making a top here and likely to slope. How discrete both the opinions are, and mind you at some point in time both have proved their talent, so even I can’t challenge their idea. But this how market moves on its own, as if there is a buyer then there is seller and in the end one becomes winner and other becomes a loser, as one has to pay to another. Now who is going to pay to whom where whole dilemma lies in, but if you stay focus and follow the discipline then I am sure market will pay you, no matter at what side you stand. So once again I try my best to analyze and help you to get paid.

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nifty weekly chart 27 july

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