Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 28 Sept’15

Jury is out to call for bottom

In last few sessions market reacted in unexpected fashion, when it was not expected that market may fall from highs-it does, when some follow through was expected market bounced back, and again remained moreover sideways to positive. Market is changing its gear very quickly, at one time you start the day expecting momentum to trigger and whole game changes to mean reverting and next day when you plan to do some mean reverting, for sure you are going to hit the stop losses. I am sure many of my trader friends would agree with me. After placing a low of 7540 there is a jury out to call for bottom or not, and from their talks none appears to be confident enough to take a call here, and so as I, however at the end of this report I will share my gut feeling with you, that is for sure.  To read full report you need to Register here (it’s free) and if you are already registered then there no need to register again, you’ll shortly receive newsletter.

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