Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 29 June’15

Hitting the resistance…

Markets always surprise us, and if you just see in flash-back then it may give you some useful insights and lessons, and technical analysis is all about past and projecting future, isn’t it? The week gone by was surely in control of bulls, but when bulls showed their real strength, I think it was only on Monday when Nifty moved sharply higher, and instill confidence in broader market, and I would say that it may have enticed retail participants, post this event Nifty remained in almost 100 point range. Finally, Nifty managed to close above its previous expiry level of 8319, which opens window for further upside, but the move may not be that swift. So how you should position yourself for next week, to read full report you need to Register here (it’s free), and if you are already registered then there no need to register again, you’ll shortly receive newsletter. To read last week’s full report click on this link to download the report.

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