Option Alphas – Keep It Simple Silly

Many of our readers ask us about logic behind Option Alphas. To answer their query we have to go little deep inside.

Stock Markets is for Losers??

From last couple of years, gradually Investors are running away from Indian Stock Market, and it is not our statement, but it is well observed and critically examined fact from turnover of the exchanges, where deliverable volumes are decreasing on a substantial note, which is really worrisome factor for the stock markets which reflects nerves of Indian Economy.

Why, investors are running away from the market? We try to answer this question.

Lack of Capital to Invest:-

There is community who are really interested in investing and trading in the market, but in reality they don’t have source of fund, or some extra savings which can be invested in the market. Reasons could be, In hand income is less to part away for investments, Overspending, expensive lifestyle.

Lost Hopes from the market

We believe there is bigger chunk of people who actually lost hope from the market, because in past they have already burnt their hands and now don’t want to fall in to trap again (that is what they believe).  Or there are people who are already invested in the market, and actually waiting for their price to comes. In last few years, Investors are being cheated by many Brokers, by giving wrong advice or being trapped by organized way of speculating in particular stock.

PMS – Promises Made to Suck your capital

PMS – Portfolio Management Services, turned as False Promises Made to Suck your capital. Yes, this has also ruined the confidence of value investor.

Wrong Decisions

And there are people who made Wrong decision at Right Time to get stuck in the market, by their own, and nobody can save them.

If we examine above facts then, one common things strikes, firstly desire to earn something more (obviously) and next absence of right information and proper guidance. In earlier years, we also faced the same situation, and frankly lost good amount of money (which was from our own savings, although little but it was good amount for us), and after which we took Sanyaas from the market, like many of other, and keep on learning the facts. During this time we came across many complex ideas to earn from the market, which has taken toll from us in terms of time, and ultimately result was zero. What we learnt from this experience is to follow KISS formulas (Keep It Simply Silly) and based on that we formulated service called Option Alphas, where we focus on some simple trading strategies to earn from the market, and we kept our pricing so low that anybody would like to give chance, and as our experience says any subscriber who has opted for our one month service has taken our 3 months or 6 months subscription plan, as they find it one simple way to earn from the market. Within this product neither we make any big promise or toll claims, our performance speaks in itself. So if you are fed up with taking Stock Tips, and losing your hard earned money, then we advise you to subscribe for our one month package and see the difference.

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