Risk Disclaimer

We believe now you are in process of finalizing to subscribe our paid services. Before moving ahead, let us assure you, that you’ll get best of services and support from us.

We always expect that our paid clients are always in sync with our understanding, so at whenever we communicate any strategy to our clients, they can understand and implement in a better way.

Please take time to read below details.

  • If you are subscribing than by default it is understood that –
  1. You must know how to trade in the market?
  2. You must know basic terminology and its meaning, so you can understand our given strategy and implement accordingly. (If not, then please click here)
  3. You must know what is leveraging and what is over leveraging. If you don’t know this than you can go bankrupt also.
  • Any trading activity involves risk, and client has to and should understand risk before entering into any trading strategy.
  • If you are in doubt than we request you, kindly understand  basic concepts and then come for subscription, you can also opt to Learn Technical Analysis from us, wherein we’ll explain you all the concepts in details, or also you have an alternate option to read articles from our site, which can help you to understand the market.
  • After your subscription, it is our duty to give trading recommendations based on prudent judgment and analysis. We neither accept any responsibilities arouse from those trading recommendation, nor we accept any profit or loss from the suggested trade. It clearly means that, we are not at all responsible for our subscribed or unsubscribed clients, any financial or mental profit or loss, or satisfaction or harassment from given recommendations. We at Way2Profits will not accept any obligations thereafter.
  • As we don’t know your financial condition, we can’t recommend you how much to invest or trade in a particular trade or strategy. Only we can suggest you is that, please don’t trade with borrowed money, and don’t over leverage your trading bets.
  • If you are mentally or physically not prepared to accept profit or loss, we suggest you don’t trade, so no need to subscribe for. 

By subscribing to our services, we take this as granted that you must have read all the conditions and will agree with what we are saying. And we’ll not hold us responsible for your own acts.

After reading above disclaimer, if you have any doubts or want to understand something, in more detail then feel free to ask.