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In today’s fast pace, everybody is looking for earning some extra money over and above his or her regular income, and for many of you find easiest option among available opportunities is to Invest in Stock Market, doing some Day Trading. But, very few know and understand about Stock Market, and out of that few personalities very few earns from the market.

Why it happens? I have tried to answer this question in my post Can you Drive a Car without Learning.

Than how to make it, do novice people cannot make extra money out of stock market?

After reading my above article, this question would have aroused in your mind. *Yes, novice traders can make extra money from stock trading and investing, but answer comes with its exclamation mark.  Let me put it this way, are you really serious about making money, than put some serious efforts for that. I am not saying that you have to leave your job, no, but at least you have to clear some basics, so you can stay in sync with what we are talking about.

It means you have to learn some basics of Stock market and if you are looking for trading than ideally, basics about Technical Analysis. You can Learn Technical Analysis from Way2Profits also.

After you understand bit of market, keep reading your favorite blog www.way2profits.com you will understand in much better way what we are talking about.

What is our USP at Way2Profits?

Dear Friends, at Way2Profits, one thing is very clear that, whether you subscribe to our any of the services or not, if you read anything on our site, than consider it as same as you have paid for it, because we never distinguish our views for our paid subscribers and free subscribers. When we say, it is a Buy than it is Buy for our paid subscribers as well for free subscribers. We never ever distinguish. Yes, our paid subscribers have privileges of having some trading stocks ideas and strategies, which we might not have published on site, that’s it. And if it is published then it is for both. We preach, what we say, and we mean it.

Let’s talk about Trading

At Way to Profits, we are little conservatives and believe earning slowly and steadily, because we know you can’t become a rich in short time (learned this things from past experiences, by losing in the markets), so we always focus on less risky strategy, and according to us which has high chance of success.

As you know very well that our research is based on Technical Analysis, but we only select fundamentally best company or better put it this way, we only like to trade Top 200 companies. We never dig into Balance sheet and financials of the company, what we see is liquidity in the market. So whenever you come to us, just be rest assured that you’ll never ever get call some cheap stocks, which has potential to turn multi-bagger.

After thorough analysis we come to a conclusion, that whether traders should enter in particular stock or not? If yes, than at what price, with what objective and stop loss? Once this process is done, then there are three way to approach the market, Buy in Cash market, Buy in Futures market, or Buy in Options market. How to initiate call totally depends upon individual personality and understanding. We can help you, but decision is all your.

We will disappoint you.

  • If you are day trader and looking for a constant advise on the market, than for sure we’ll disappoint you, because we only give ideas end of day basis. We don’t rush to catch the running train, this is our style.
  • As of now we don’t follow any stop and reverse system, where you are constantly committed to markets. If we think market is not allowing us to earn something, then we’ll excuse it for some time and re-enter into market when opportunity comes. So, if you are thrilled by constant involvement than sorry.

In last few days, we received request that, we only want to subscribe to your weekly outlook, and not for daily. But, in this case we are little helpless. At this point in time we are using Feed burner application, which has only one option to dispatch the post, and we have to update on daily basis to keep updating our regular readers and followers. So, in that case either you can opt out, or just ignore daily mails.

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