Stop This Crap!!!

If you are in search of good article to read on technical analysis, than your search will end with grief.  Because as I have mentioned in my previous article all blog marketers have turned technical analyst, and giving their gyaan.  And, few others who know technical analysis are in run of popularizing their blog or services, leaving main course behind and using cheap tactics to propagate them.  Most famous techniques by them are, using full literature from some of the famous books of technical, not giving any credit to original writer, and marketer in such a fashion that they themselves have written that entire thing. And seriously if your reading is not vast than it is bound to happen that you will feel that this writer has vast knowledge and what a thought he/she has.  But reality it something different, it is very cheap and bad practice to use somebody else work as your own.  Please stop these.

Another simple tactic to popularize your blog is, write all fundamental bullishit in your blog, give links of famous news sites, and quote word by word famous speeches of governors, and many others.  In this they are doing nothing, but just cut, copy and paste last meetings manuscript.  Please stop these.

One of the crucial parts of technical analysis is behavioral finance, and there is whole of articles and books available to mention for.  Blog marketers are just finding out any old books and reprint them on their blog, like; they have written this entire thing. Please stop these.

I was going through one famous blog, month on month basis they have good number of hits on their blog; if you go and read their blog, than their you find out pictures of famous bollywood heroine, and some famous personality, which has nothing to do with write up of the blog.  Do you have any explanation why they are posting such photos on their blog, who has no correlation with write up?  Please stop these.

In fact, yesterday I was going through one famous newsletter, where I was reading an interview, and to my surprise on the photo of that interviewee I saw a tag of Dr. CK Narayan.  Now what to say, this is the height of cheap publicity.

Dear friends, here I have purposely avoided writing name of such blogs & newsletter, otherwise they would argue that I am using their techniques.  But I would urge such blog writers, that Please Stop this crap, and come real; if your article has strength or your research has strength than for sure you will get good hits, don’t run for it.

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