Strategy is not always bad…

If you know how to trade, than I am sure 20-30% of your problem is solved. Yes, with any given strategy, whether it is good or bad, if you add some sound analysis, your result has to improve, anyhow. But this sound analysis comes only after some efforts taken by individual, without which nothing is of use.

I am writing this article keeping last few days market action in consideration. Like in my daily update I have clearly mentioned that market has potential to go down further, but subject to market stay below low of 5670(spot), and also I have mentioned that only short term trader can take long trade for small profits. Now see the price action, Nifty made a low of 5679.90 (does not go below previous low and traded higher). I am not saying this because I went right here, it is because I am trying to convey you what I hear from market. As I always try to listen what market is saying? Yes, I also might go wrong many a times, but if at all I maintain accuracy of more than 70% than also I am highly satisfied with my performance.

I know many readers of mine, who are constantly involved in improvising their strategy, but dear friend why you miss to improve yourself with your strategy, and see the result. So strengthen yourself to improve.

Keep reading and replying with mail.

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