I have asked to go short on Nifty, and positional short on Bank Nifty on 12th March (CLICK HERE) by yesterday I was quite happy that everything was on path, and bank nifty fell significantly just in one day. Today morning (14march) I was receiving some mails, that go blind sell on bank nifty and nifty, due to some Cobra post release (yet, I have to go through the same), and to surprise in extremely negative news market went up sharply. I am sorry my friends, but you are killed brutally, by some smart players. And I strongly believe that, if you want to become trader than keep your ears closed and eyes open on your trade, nothing else..

But let me also admit that, even if I would have seen chart, I would not at all recommended to go long, infact I would continue to stay short, and market proved me wrong. Anyways it is market,,and you cant argue.

Nifty as on 14 March’13 – 5908.95(Spot)  Bank Nifty -12020.75.

Nifty again stand at a similar point where I have given short call (5908) after making a intraday low of 5791. I would say here, let market settle tomorrow, anyways it is Friday, don’t go long or short,,,I don’t see any clarity as of now, so don’t try to be extra smart.

As far as Bank Nifty is concerned it has not taken away my stop loss of 12250. Now if you want to play risk than hold position or get out,,still you will earn…hmm…

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