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Free Tips are like Free Vada Pavs

Free tips are like free vada pavsIn Maharashtra Vada Pavs are quite famous and highly consumed by all the people. There are many reasons why Vada Pav is famous- because it is very tasty easily prepared and available and most important is, it is affordable to pockets of every class.

Mostly at the time of Ganesh Visarjan or for that matter any public gathering, Vada Pav is distributed free to gathered crowd. Sometimes it is distributed to advertise some product, or some political party come in picture and advertise themselves. Point I am trying to make is even a small vada pav is distributed free of cost with some purpose, although which is not evident on its face, but it has some effect on mind of public who consumes it. There is nothing Free, you pay for everything, as I said not on face of it.

You must be thinking, why I am talking all this which is irrelevant with my subject. There is some relevance which I want to make here. Tell me frankly when you are eating free stuff, what is your expectation level from that eatery, and what is your expectation level when you enter in to any plush hotel. Obviously, your expectation will be high compare to free stuff.

Point I am trying to make is Free Tips distributed by some sites are like vada pavs, you cannot argue on quality of the stuff, because they are distributing free, if you want to take it you take it, otherwise please don’t come.

Similarly, some so called technical analysis site or blogs are distributing you free stuffs, and attracting you towards their paid services, and I know many people who get trapped by their free vada pavs and enter their hotel and gets nothing but another vada pav, because they cannot produce anything else than vada pav.

I tell you, to give any tip, for that matter even on Nifty I have to work hard for hours and see the price levels, after that deriving strategy based on my expectations, with ideal risk reward ratio and importantly with confidence, is one of the biggest challenge for any technical analyst. And analyst has to do this practice day in day out; now tell me if you are putting so much effort on particular trade than should it be distributed free, there is no time value of money involved in the process??  Even in my site, I only give broad outlook on Nifty, as I am passionate about it, but you will never see I am giving free tips with precise levels, because it requires more time to study, and I am already committed.

Friend, please come out of this phobia that few sites are giving free tips, and I will make money out of it. To test you sites performance, I only suggest you take some article details and just Google it, you will come to know who is the original author of the article. It is really sadden that people are utilizing old books on their name, without giving any credit to the original author.

If you really want to make money out of this market than there is only two ways- one is, either you take service from some professional or secondly you learn by yourself. I always insist to learn by yourself, because you don’t have to depend on others for giving you tips and trading. Yes, process is bit lengthy and road is not smooth, but your goal is to earn and in this commercial world nobody will come at your home to feed you, if you are not going to work.

Sorry Bloggers, but I hate malpractices, be genuine to yourself at least.

Why you want to become a Technical Analyst?

Myself working as technical analyst, but trust me if you would have asked me above question few years back than I was not able to answer you, in fact nobody asked me. I tried and struggled and that is why I am here. But still struggling to become good technical analyst (because perfect word does not fits into learning, it is a never ending process and so the Technical Analysis). So, I am one of the student of technical analysis, and would try to help you with my little knowledge and experience.

learn technical analysis-way2profit

Learn Technical Analysis

By looking at my LinkedIn profile many ask me about vacancy in my company and my experience in the field, many asked me what is the way to become Technical Analyst?. I tried to answer them in my way of style.  But one thing is common, every time I asked to aspirant candidate, why you want to become a Technical Analyst? And genuinely I tell you many gave me such foolish replies and some believed that I am asking them just out of ego, they had a feeling that I am trying to insult them, and accordingly they gave some derogatory replies. But dear friends, if you enter in real world and market, than situation is quite different, it is not as simple as you think of in your dreams.

Let me tell you my personal observation and experience. Even best of technical analyst, who are best and perfect at their work, don’t care to reply to your queries, simply they are money minded. Whether you understood or not, whether you are on track or not, they don’t bother for that. Many are sweet poisons, they talk to you sweetly and finally attract you towards their tuitions or services to mint money from you, and this how it is one surreal fact. I started learning by spending money and not on just by Google it everything, because I strongly believe that Technical Analysis is an Art and not Science.  On internet you can learn some methods but not an Art, for learning an Art you have to have go for some professional classes.  Even there are many frauds, who run their Technical Analysis Shop, you have to safeguard yourself from them also, because if you Google it everything and then there are high chance that you fall in their trap.

So, before entering in to this field, you should ask few questions to yourself.

  • Why you want to join Technical Analysis? (I can’t comment for other industry or profession.)
  • What attracts you towards Technical Analysis?
  • After learning what is your next step?

If you are really serious about Technical Analysis, than try to answer this question and send me your reply, I will try my best to give you best out of you.

You can get in touch with me on my mail way2profits.24(at)gmail(dot)com or Contact Me

Awaiting for your answers, keep asking…

Eight reasons to visit my blog…

Let me put it this way, why you are here for now?

  • One possibility, you may very well know me,
  • second possibility, you must be searching for something and accidently you click on an article and you are here.
  • Lastly, I believe you are passionate about Technical Analysis.

From the give three broad reasons, you are here and reading my blog.  Now question comes do my write up attracts you or not? Why you should come again and revisit my blog, than let me give you eight reasons to revisit my blog.

If you are trading Indian Equity markets, than I am sharing my views here.  Like I have shared this-

If you are trading Agri-Commodities and Precious metals, than here I share clear views on highly traded commodities.

If you are Forex player, than I also share my views on Global Forex pairs, as well Indian Forex pairs.  Like I have shared this-

If you are looking for medium to long term price forecasting on any given asset class, than please share with me, as I can share my posts on requests, which is not published directly on this blog (don’t worry it is not charged)

If you are Jobber or scalper than in this blog I share trading strategies which are very much useful for intraday trading.  Like I have shared this-

If you are a learner, aspirant technical analyst, than you will get many things to learn from articles.

As my reader knows very well that I share my views on market in very straight forward manner, with applied strategy, while keeping ambiguity aside (sometimes you can’t do anything when market tells you No to do anything), and I promise to do in same fashion in future also.

Patience & Pocket – Two things are stake in Trading

Trading Psychology

Do you agree with us???

If you are new to trading than market test your patience and pocket both at parallel time, and if you loose control on one, than for sure other will sleep out automatically.

Last month our Dear Friend, got trap in this circle, they lost patience and then start series of loosing pocket, it was real difficult task for us to get them out of this.  Before you trap in, better you take our advise and save yourself from big disasters, and mind you, we will not charge you for this(*)

(*=No Hidden Charges applied).