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Nifty Technical Analysis Outlook for 03 June’ 13

Nifty Daily Chart - 5985.95 (-138.10)

Nifty Daily Chart – 5985.95 (-138.10)

Nifty Weekly Chart - 5985.95 (+2.40_

Nifty Weekly Chart – 5985.95 (+2.40)

Market moving in Round Ladder…

Technically speaking, there is no significant movement in Nifty, if we compare week on week basis performance, because in prior week Nifty closed at 5983.55 after making a high of 6229.45, and in the last week Nifty closed at 5985.95, with small gains of 2.40. So, week’s journey ends at a same place where it begin from, like a round ladder, wherein you just keep on moving, without knowing where you begin and where you end.

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Bank Nifty Technical Outlook for 27th May, 13

Bank Nifty Weekly Chart

Bank Nifty as on 24 May’13 – 12769.35 (-547.75)

Bank Nifty as on 24 May’13 – 12769.35

Bank Nifty as on 24 May’13 – 12769.35

From above charts of Bank Nifty, few things I would like to high light here.

  • Week begins with extreme Euphoria and Bank Nifty posted a new life time high of 13414.30. But that was happier moment for couple of minutes, immediate after which Bank Nifty started witnessing profit booking and major draw-down start happening. On same day Bank Nifty closed in red.
  • Even in 2010 when Bank Nifty posted new high of 13303.60 on 5 Nov’10, candle body was very small, it means price activity was very limited, and on next day it started giving up away. It is just like cracking another’s record for sake of putting yours.
  • In the weeks last session, prices made a low 12582.50, but from that level, Bank Nifty witnessed support and on closing basis, it closed with gains compare to prior session.
  • If you see in attached chart, still prices are hovering near trend line.
  • Last week, I had shown you Negative Divergence on weekly chart of Bank Nifty, which was honored. This week I have observed potential Hidden Divergence setting up between prices, if prices honor this divergence than we should be looking for at least retest of the highs.

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