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Teach a Man to Fish…

Its long time since I have written any post here. Last when I shared my view, market was near 8800 levels, and I was of the opinion that it can easily go towards 9400 mark, and where we stand today, but it was early call to take because, before going towards 9400 market has corrected a bit and then resumed higher.

I was there in market all through but not shared anything here, just because I realized one fact that, there are lot of people who freely share their view, but important is to give hand-holding to the readers, and which is not at all possible for anyone.

If handholding is not possible then what is the best alternative available. I read somewhere that give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. So, I think it is best possible alternative available for my readers.

Objective of writing this post is to share with you one important observation which I have made in last couple of months. Lately, I realized one thing no matter how good you are in your analysis, but if you cannot decisively say where to buy and where to sell, your analysis will not make any sense to anyone, because here everyone comes to mint money, and all are interested to know the location of action.

Solution to such problem is to build a strategy and implement in the market, and if it fulfills your criteria then use it. With my reading and understanding I have developed one strategy which has given superlatively fantastic results according to me and I will share the details of such results below. If you are interested to learn this strategy from me you can contact me on my email address info@way2profits.com . I will teach you strategy one to one basis online, and make you understand the whole idea.



It is for you

  • If you know bit about the market and ready to put some efforts
  • If you are seeking proper guideline for entry, exit and stop loss
  • Even if you are seasoned market player, it will certainly add value to your experience.

It is not for you

  • If you are seeking constant advise, then you’ll be disappointed.
  • If you are looking for intraday opportunities.
  • If you don’t have patience to wait for right signal to emerge.
  • If you cannot accept the loss, which is an integral part of the system.
  • If you cannot accept overnight risk.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. How can I learn this strategy?

Ans : I will teach you this strategy online till you understand the concept. I will solve all you query with charts and examples.

  1. Do I need to be expert in the market?

Ans :- No, you don’t need to be expert in market or technical analysis. But yes, you are expected to know the basics of market, because without knowing the basics I cant explain things in details, so make sure you know the basics.

  1. How much time it will take to learn and implement the strategy?

Ans : I will teach you method in roughly one session of 2-3 hours, but in case if you don’t understand then I don’t mind to stretch further, ultimately you should be satisfied to the fullest. And as far as implementation is concerned, I advise everyone to backtest thing on your own, so to build confidence in the system and if you can do it, you  can implement strategy from next week only.

  1. Can you take classroom session?

Ans :- Yes, classroom session can be arranged, if I get 5-6 students in your city, otherwise I am ready for online sessions.

  1. How much Margin I need?

Ans : To implement this strategy you need minimum two lots margin.

  1. Can I implement this strategy with the help of Options?

Ans :- Yes, but in that case results will differ accordingly. But once signal is generated you can buy/sell given instrument or its options also, it is up to you.

  1. Will you give me support after completing the course?

Ans :- Yes, after learning the method you can certainly ask me any query regarding the method, I am happy to help you.

  1. When you will conduct the training?

Ans : On every Saturday between 6-9 I will take the training programme. And it will be one to one basis only, so with you there is no other person will be joined, so you can freely ask you query. So you may confirm the availability of Saturday and book your slot.

  1. What is the fees for training?

Ans :  Its Rs. 10000/ for training and if you book it early, you’ll get discount of Rs. 2000/-, effectively it will cost you just Rs. 8000/-

  1. What materials you’ll give?

Ans :- I will share presentation of strategy with rules to be followed with examples, with that backtested results

  1. Will I make same returns in future out of the strategy?

Ans :- No, technically it is not possible because future is unknown to everyone. But be rest assured that if you follow the give guidelines you will make very good returns from the strategy.

  1. Refund policy.

Ans :- Kindly note that, in any case whatsoever maybe, money once receive will not be refunded back, so request you to kindly make sure before making a payment.

  1. Is this holy grail of stock market trading?

Ans :- Kindly understand there is No Black Box system in the world which can be called as Holy Grail of stock market trading, so keep your expectations real.

  1. Do I need charts?

Ans :- Yes, you need charts for backtesting the instrument.

  1. Is it an intraday trading stragegy?

Ans :- No, this is swing trading strategy, and you need to wait for signals to come.

  1. Will this strategy, give me a constant advise?

Ans :- Absolutely No, you have to wait patiently for system to give you signal.



Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 18 Jan’16

Bumpy road ahead???

Passed two weeks remained superficial for hardcore bears and nightmare for bulls and current global as well domestic scenario clearly indicates that going ahead road is going to remain bumpy only-no smooth ride. As markets continued to slide down and down and ultimately Sept’15 & Dec’15 swing lows are also taken out. Now how far can we go, as I already started hearing about 6300 and few of my bear friends also mentioned about sub 5500 levels, do you heard that? Anyway it is common phenomenon, whenever such erratic moves happen you’ll start listening some extreme views from extremist, whoever it is Bear or Bull. In such turbulent times let’s see whether we should go contra or join the hands in existing carnage

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nifty weekly analysis 18 jan 2016

Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 28 Dec’15

Merry Christmas..Welcome 2016….

Last two weeks remained action pegged and I was not in position to update due to some personal commitments and also one of the reason that after looking at screen for long-long hours your body starts giving you a red signals, so I took some mandatory leave from watching screen. Rather making it long, lets keep it simple and see how to position ourselves in the coming week.

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Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 07 Dec’15

Moderate start..Unexpected end

Often when start is good (in our case it was moderate), expectation increases that everything is going to be as per plan, and when actually it ends in line with our expectations, it gives feeling of satisfaction, but when it does not fructify according to the plan then the feeling of devastation is much higher than feeling of satisfaction. Essentially my point is, in the beginning of last week when markets attempted to move higher, I thought it will move according to expectations, but on Wednesday market gave one shock and thereafter it took U-turn. According to my experience and understanding it becomes difficult for particularly traders to change their gears and take quick U-turn with market; I know many traders would agree with me. Let’s analyze and see how to place ourselves in the coming week.

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nifty outlook for 07 dec onwards

Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 23 Nov’15

nifty view 23 nov'15

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Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 19 Oct’15

Nifty above its major average…

After almost fourty days of dilemma once again market is pouring hope in to the minds of trader. You must be thinking why I am writing this-yesterday one of my friend called me to confirm my view, first question was are we ready to for new highs?  And I was little shocked, and he gave one another shock is it possible by January or max by February? I understood that he is not asking, but he is conveying his own view, and I answered him what is your gut feeling, he said it is very much possible. In the hindsight I was thinking that just few days back traders were searching reasons of collapse, then what can come to rescue the fall, after stoppage again hope of revival and reasons to push the market higher. Its not the objective way, I think right way to approach the market, should always be focus on next possible area of confluence or area of least resistance. In this weekly report we’ll analyze and see how to approach the market, and stay on the right side.

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19 oct weekly outlook

The week passed by…

  • In the first three trading session momentum was appearing slightly bleak, however by Thursday & Friday wings turn on other side, and scenario start appearing optimistic. Week on week basis Nifty closed with gains of 48 points and formed candle Hanging man, essentially it tells us buying interest at lower levels, but at the same time we should take little caution as well.
  • Finally, NF closed above its major 200-DEMA after 36 trading sessions, which gives me little hope of recovery, and also 50 & 21-DEMA (8060-8080) is placed at lower levels to support the price on any minor correction.
  • NF has filled the gap of 8060-8225 and closed above it, and on moving above weekly high, it will target for another unfilled gap near 8322-8360 levels.
  • Amongst the oscillators 14-period RSI is exhibiting strength, however I need furthermore confirmation from it, but as of now flow suggest bullish bias.
  • As depicted in attached, while drawing trendline from swing highs, we get two lines which and that is the area where NF is going to face utmost resistance, because this is the area above which underlying negativity may cooled-off and NF targets for higher levels.
  • Among other Indices, Bank Nifty appears to be prepared for next leg of rally, and chart structure of NF & BNF looks similar.
  • On Friday CNXAUTO has formed Star candle and now we need to see whether it turns out to be a Evening star, so keep watch of Monday’s closing, otherwise setup appears to be decent enough.
  • CNXIT disappointed the participants, or lets put it in right sense, major IT companies had disappointed market participants or Research Analyst community. Here once again I remember Ace Fund managers tweet

  • CNXMETAL after a flurry move in earlier week, turned quite in last week. So once again, better to take profits on the table, and wait for next move.
  • Keep watch on CNXMIDCAP, as such in last week was not much happening here, but it seems that next week can be action pegged here.
  • Structurally CNXPHARMA is forming Ascending Triangle kind of a formation, but mind you it is not always necessary that breakout comes on the upside only, it can come either side. To turn bullish wait for 13400 to cross.

Derivative Insights

  • Till date FII’s have infused more than 3100 crore of capital, whereas in just single day (Thusday) DII’s bought to the tune of 2744.55 and now for the month they stand at 2300 crore (sheer jump from negative to positive)
  • Week on week basis FII’s have cut there long position to the tune of 59386 contracts and to similar extent shorts are build 50932 contracts. It seems that institutions have done some profit booking or reduced their position to tune of 1452 crores.
  • Interestingly if we observe Options build-up of FII’s only, then they are long call options 91213 contracts and Put longs are reduced by 61934 contracts. At the same time they have unwound call shorts are build by 89469, while 46021 Put contracts are short build. Above points indicates little cautiousness, like last week FII’s are not very bullish on the market.

Last week’s review – I expect in this week markets are likely to remain highly volatile, as nobody will turn out to be clear winner. Level specific, NF on sustaining above 8225 will target of 8325 levels and may be it can target for 8390-8400, but sustenance near this level is a big challenge. On the downside supports are placed near 8100, and till NF holds above this level, I prefer to stay long if at all it corrects below 8000 then one think to create shorts, between 8100-8000 is neutral zone..  Weekly low for the NF was 8088.60.

As on Friday NF stands at 8238 and weekly high is 8246.40. On the top I had clearly mentioned that weekly candle suggest little cautiousness, so it is better to turn little skeptical, and allow NF to hold and sustain above 8250, if it does then stay put with long position and target for 8325-8350 levels, and if fails to do so then allow for some retracement upto  8150-8130, where one may take some risk and go long keeping stop loss below 8080.

In the attached chart I market big circle which is area of confluence between 8350-8400, and my anticipation is that, this area will not be taken out so easily, so in the first go I would prefer to take the profit on table, and then evaluate for next move.

Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 05 Oct’15

Finally much anticipated Rate Cut announced by RBI and once again it gave a big surprise to street by cutting 50 BPS, as 25 BPS was very much discounted by the market, also 50 points rate cut was not expected. We very well know that it’s positive for Equity markets, but does it managed to change the technical scenario at all? Let’s consult our charts and see whether RBI has set the tone for Bottom or not. To read full report you need to Register here (it’s free) and if you are already registered then there no need to register again, you’ll shortly receive newsletter.

05 oct nifty outlook

Finally week ended with gains of 82.40 points or 1%. Technically if we see Nifty not even manage to move above previous weeks high of 8021.60, as cluster of resistances are placed in the vicinity of 8020-8060 levels. As of now weekly candle indicates buying interest from lower levels, however moving forward it need to decisively close above the previous weeks candles.

If we see there is no much difference between previous week and last week, moreover prices remained in the same range.

Technically, Nifty is struggling to surpass and sustain above Gap area created on 24 Aug and for bulls it will be real challenge.

Last week’s review – it is always prudent that not to trade on the third day of any move for a continuation of that move. If you have a missed bottom or top three day move against the trend is normal movement, so wait patiently for Monday’s closing, meanwhile one may initiate longs for small objective with small stop losses, like buy above 7885 keeping stop loss below 7840 for smaller objective… If on Monday NF manages to close above 7950 then it may set the tone for further upside.  As expected Monday remained quite volatile and finally Nifty ended sharply lower. The way in which Tuesday market moved, hardly anyone would have got a chance to initiate longs, and lastly week ended exactly at 7950.

Even during the last week it was very clear that bullish tone will only set above 7950 and now we are standing exactly on that point. So I would prefer to stay long only above 7950, stop should be placed below 7880, looking for upside of 8050 and if NF manages to sustain above 8050 then 8200 would be next level to watch for. What if market falls below 7880, in that case don’t turn aggressively bearish, wait for a while. So let’s keep finger cross and see whether we manage to test 8200 levels.

Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 28 Sept’15

Jury is out to call for bottom

In last few sessions market reacted in unexpected fashion, when it was not expected that market may fall from highs-it does, when some follow through was expected market bounced back, and again remained moreover sideways to positive. Market is changing its gear very quickly, at one time you start the day expecting momentum to trigger and whole game changes to mean reverting and next day when you plan to do some mean reverting, for sure you are going to hit the stop losses. I am sure many of my trader friends would agree with me. After placing a low of 7540 there is a jury out to call for bottom or not, and from their talks none appears to be confident enough to take a call here, and so as I, however at the end of this report I will share my gut feeling with you, that is for sure.  To read full report you need to Register here (it’s free) and if you are already registered then there no need to register again, you’ll shortly receive newsletter.

chart of nifty way2profits

Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 07 Sept’15

Bleeding Street…

I know most of my readers are traders and they can adjust their position with falling market as well, but out of all few are hardcore Investors as well and they are more concerned with their portfolios, as many of them must have accumulated stocks at higher levels, and now they are stuck. The whole market is bleeding because numbers of Investors are relatively larger then trader’s community.

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Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 24 Aug’15

Real Challenge

It seems that now situation is in favor Bear camp, honestly for them everything fall in place, because I am damn sure no Bears have expected such tumultuous situation which took place during last week. Global markets are under great uncertainty and currencies & crude are adding further vigor to it, in fact everything is interconnected and you can’t speak one in isolation. All in all now it is a Real Challenge for Bulls – Bulls are all those guys who are already long in the market, some are with their prized savings (Investors, Traders), some are with others savings (Mutual Funds) all are going face tough times. So let’s for next week how trader should position themselves keeping ongoing chaotic situation.

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nifty chart 24 aug