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Nifty Weekly Technical Outlook for 29 June’15

Hitting the resistance…

Markets always surprise us, and if you just see in flash-back then it may give you some useful insights and lessons, and technical analysis is all about past and projecting future, isn’t it? The week gone by was surely in control of bulls, but when bulls showed their real strength, I think it was only on Monday when Nifty moved sharply higher, and instill confidence in broader market, and I would say that it may have enticed retail participants, post this event Nifty remained in almost 100 point range. Finally, Nifty managed to close above its previous expiry level of 8319, which opens window for further upside, but the move may not be that swift. So how you should position yourself for next week, to read full report you need to Register here (it’s free), and if you are already registered then there no need to register again, you’ll shortly receive newsletter. To read last week’s full report click on this link to download the report.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 09 Jan’14

Nifty as on 08 Jan’14– 6174.60 (+12.35)    Bank Nifty as on 08 Jan’14– 11053.70 (+16.95)

In last two sessions, gradually range is getting skewed, and in the last session it traded on extremely subdued note. We believe that “Low Volatility in the market will beget High Volatility” in days to come.  It seems that Nifty and Bank Nifty both has taken support and likely to move on positive note, but both are trading on edge, so taking aggressive bet may also take toll from us.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 1 Nov’13

Nifty as on 31 Oct’13– 6299.15 (+47.45)    Bank Nifty as on 31 Oct’13– 11473.20 (+223.80)

Month and expiry is over, and finally all Bears were brutally attacked and defeated. Nifty is ready to retest the highs of 2007 as Sensex just fell of only few pips to test the level than why not Nifty, so undoubtedly it will be tested in today’s session, may be with gap up opening only.

Price action is indicative that market will go higher and may sustain also, as most of the Bearishness is negated, but it is just for the sake of Diwali or it real, it is difficult to answer at this point in time. We would advise if at all you are going long than it is better to book profit in an intraday and maintain stop loss. Yes, bias is upward now, unless and until it gives us any strong clue to turn back.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 31 Oct’13

Our readers must be thinking that we are taking a back foot, but actually we got stuck in some unwarranted circumstances, and that is the reason we could not publish yesterday.

Yes, we got tapped by Big Boys, and let us admit that frankly, we are passing through some real dilemma on personal level, because by no way market seems to be Bullish to us, even we leave aside fundamental scenario of the market, but technically and applying market psychology, this market doesn’t seems to be Bullish, and it is just the Big Boys who are dragging the market.

Our reader turned good friend of ours informed us that there is malicious activity happening around, and there is a fare chance that market can move also higher. Thank You. Even there are few other readers who regularly keep check on us and sometimes share their view, which keeps us alive and give real nerves of the market. If you wish you can also come and share your view.

Finally, month end, expiry end and it’s really difficult to gauge where market is heading. Bank Nifty who helped Nifty to soared higher, now turn sideways, similarly CNX IT Index is also not performing. In simple words, we think it is really difficult to judge the market at this juncture, and we prefer to excuse for time being, and may start rethinking, as we are not missing something. If you think, we are, then please come ahead and open our eyes, it our sincere request.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 29 Oct’13

Nifty as on 28 Oct’13– 6101.10 (-43.80)    Bank Nifty as on 28 Oct’13– 10773.20 (-123.30)

Three days left for expiry and almost six days for Diwali, and market has given first sign of weakness, is it going to crack down in coming days?

Nifty almost reached to threshold limit for confirmation of weakness, and we are ready to initiate short in the Nifty only we need to keep check whether it proves to be false breakdown or not? In the Bank Nifty still one more weak close below 10680-10650 is needed, if not than we may trap in false breakdown.

Trading levels may be tricky, and it depends upon the individual personality and trading style. On the downside we are targeting 5920-5900 levels, please don’t ask us this expiry or next expiry

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 25 Oct’13

Nifty as on 24 Oct’13– 6164.35 (-14.00)    Bank Nifty as on 24 Oct’13– 10902.50 (+21.80)

Rally which tested psychological level of 21000

Most of the seasoned traders and investors were eyeing for 21000 levels and finally it reached, hurray…

In line with that Nifty also made a fresh high of 6252.45 after Nov’2010. But joy could not last long; market reacted quickly and finally settled lower, which gave a candle of Doji Star in Nifty and Shooting Star in Bank Nifty.

Nifty is trading on support of trading line, and which is about to break on any weak closing. Most of the sentiments are exhibiting weak bias, but still tussle between bulls and bears are not over, bulls are ready to fight back. Technically, close below 6125-6115 will confirm underlying weakness.

Although Bank Nifty is still yet to confirm the weakness.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 24 Oct’13

Nifty as on 23 Oct’13– 6178.35 (-24.45)    Bank Nifty as on 23 Oct’13– 10880.70 (+71.60)

After two days of indecision market turned volatile. On closing basis Nifty gave candle like Hanging Man which adding vigor to our skepticism. From this level, obviously two probable scenarios emerge, and most of the readers want to know that whether to turn bullish from this level, or bearish? Strategy should be Buy on Dips or Sell on Rallies?  Now, we are more biased towards downside, and we prefer to go with an Idea of Sell on Rallies. But don’t you forget, that derivative data and few sentiment indicates that still some buying can emerge and which may take indices higher, any which ways Bank Nifty is looking positive altogether and now PSU banks are coming into play. So even if we have to go for sell than why not go in phased manner with Big Boys; may be 6300+ level is good to level to look for selling opportunity.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 23 Oct’13

Nifty as on 22 Oct’13– 6202.80 (-2.15)    Bank Nifty as on 22 Oct’13– 10809.10 (+11.50)

Technically speaking, there is no major change in prices of the indices. But last two sessions, very small real body creates skepticism amongst market players. Many factors indicates exhaustion of trend, but there is no confirmation yet, which is needed. Unless and until, we see some sharp price action, we cannot conclude that trend is over.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 22 Oct’13

Nifty as on 21 Oct’13– 6204.95 (+15.60)    Bank Nifty as on 21 Oct’13– 10797.60 (+52.70)

In our weekly update we discuss about price action in past, as market is approaching near to the top.  Today, morning we were browsing through some news, we came across the video of Ace Fund Manager Mr. Samir Arora and his one statement hits to our mind, that “everybody is talking about market is near all time high, but Does this look alike all time High”. Probably exactly what we tried to say in our weekly report.  (Hopefully, one day we can also describe whole story in just one statement – Amin) If anybody wish to hear him then click here

Coming on to today’s market. Nifty and Bank Nifty both remained range bound, although few stocks were outperformed the markets. But, if we see Indices then it is the signal of indecision, now we have to see who comes ahead next day.

Few of our readers asked us, whether you see Inverted Head & Shoulder patter in Nifty? In simple words answer is No. Look at patterns where it is likely to happen. Every structure is not necessarily emerge as particular pattern.  We know that this confusion is created by few brokerage houses and few bloggers.

Nifty Trading Strategy.

Retail participants must be looking for entry point in Nifty, as they have missed out feeling. We would suggest don’t get carried away. If at all you want stay in market, go stock specific now its high time for Nifty. Keep Patience, you’ll also get chance.

Bank Nifty Trading Strategy

Frankly, we are of the opinion that Bank Nifty can test 11200 levels, but not convinced much by looking at breadth of the market and price behavior. Here, also we like to stay apart.

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Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Analysis for 18 Oct’13

Nifty as on 17 Oct’13– 6045.85 (-43.20)    Bank Nifty as on 17 Oct’13– 10336.60 (-52.70)

Talk of the town was CNX IT Index, which plummeted sharply in the day. CNX IT Index 8797.85 lost 322.45 down by more than 3.5% in an intraday session. Even Nifty and Bank Nifty remained weak, but it traded on a choppy note. Ultimately, traders who were focused on IT Index minted money, rest all were waiting for better sell level towards 6200+ as it was an ideal level to go for short.

Although Nifty gave away 43 points, but Bank Nifty was only down by 52 points, and in fact in an intraday session it tried to recover the losses, which indicates that buying is emerging at lower levels.

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