Technical Analysis – Be aware of blog marketers.

Dear Friends,

Since from last few weeks, I am coming across few ads on web who is offering their services to teach Technical Analysis, claiming to make you trader and better investor compare to others.  Frankly speaking I really doubt the authenticity of such ads.  I believe some guys have really nothing to do with technical analysis, I am saying some guys not all, and they are offering their service to teach others, they are good marketer not technical analyst.  But, I am very sure, because of their smart marketing tricks many newbie’s get attracted towards this ads, and spend their money, and finally in return they get what is mostly available on internet this days.

My experience is that, it is very easy to learn basic concepts of technical analysis, but extremely difficult to digest and implement it, and far from fact to apply in real market.  To apply your analysis and earn out of it, you don’t only need to be good (I will say, you have to be excellent) in your analysis, but also you should have sound knowledge of money management skills, otherwise, market will crack your legs and you will not realize how it happened.  I am sure many of my colleagues will agree with this fact.

Purpose of writing this article is, if you are keen to learn technical analysis, than consult the person who are actually practicing it from last few years, and take their genuine advise, don’t just jump and get attracted only by looking some professionals on media, (mind you there are few, who looks quite smart and young, but they are dedicated personality and we respect them for their work).   And stay away from marketers; otherwise you are prone to lose interest very quickly.  Stay away from the person who is ready to show you some past history which has already happened, and then they are claiming on their sites, yes, I have done it; simple trick to assess such people is ask them for tomorrow’s outlook and see the result, you or I, don’t have to speak much.

If you are newbie, you are free to contact me on my mail id –  Don’t worry I will not charge you anything.

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