Update as on 21 Feb’13

Nifty as on 20th Feb, 2013 – 5850

Yesterday, we trailed our position with cost price, and it got triggered. It seems that Nifty will weaken further, but somehow I believe small traders will not earn much out of it. As I am risk-averse kind of personality I would recommend to buy puts or take only intraday selling opportunity by any pivot system like many a times I like Gann Square of Nine, to play in intraday.

Bank Nifty as on 20th Feb, 2013 – 12064

Bank Nifty is standing on verge of giving breakdown, one or two weak close can drag bank nifty further lower, what you saw today is just a trailer. But always follow systematic approach. Buy puts and stay calm, because weakness is not confirmed yet, according to me.

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